Taxi Pricing


As standard, ALL of our taxi fares are priced on the taximeter which is regulated by the Isle of Man Government's Road Transport Licensing Committee. We have compiled a list of popular island destinations that we take our clients to from our island's two main ports, along with a guide price to assist you in preparing for your journey and knowing what to expect.

ronaldsway airport

Destination Tariff One Tariff Two
Castletown £10 £15
Douglas £25 £35
Onchan £27 £35
Laxey £35 £40
Maughold £55 £68
Ramsey £50 £65
Point of Ayre £60 £80
Kirk Michael £35 £50
Peel £28 £45
Dalby £25 £35
Cregneash £22 £25
Port Erin £16 £22
Port St Mary £16 £22


Destination Tariff One Tariff Two
Onchan £10 £15
Santon £15 £20
Ballasalla £25 £32
Castletown £30 £40
Port Erin £35 £50
Port St Mary £35 £50
Peel £30 £42
Kirk Michael £35 £50
Ramsey £35 £50
Point of Ayre £50 £65
Maughold £40 £52
Laxey £25 £35
Cregneash £35 £50

These fares are to be used as a guide only.
Tariff One rates apply to taxi fares between the hours of 06:00 through to midnight daily.
Tariff Two rates apply to taxi fares between midnight and 06:00 daily, from 18:00 24th December (Christmas Eve) and 31st December (New Year's Eve), and for the entire day on all public holidays

The Road Transport Licensing Committee has levied additional charges which may be applied to your journey in the following circumstances:
1. 50p for each additional passenger in addition to the hirer.
2. 50p for each suitcase, perambulator, large parcel, box etc or wheelchair stowed in the boot of the vehicle.
3. £1.50p for each journey commencing at the airport.
4. £100 for fouling a ply for hire car causing it to go out of service.

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